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    Case Study:Exit Smart and Safe

    In 2018, ProWise team detected two of our clients, one is domestic and another is foreign-funded, respectively, had not commence any business operation in past one year. After discussing with the clients, we clarified the reason of the circumstance was that the clients' primary residence and business area were ceased and might not recover in the nearly future.


    ProWise Suggestion:actively suggested our clients to deregister their companies after considering the companies maintenance fee and clients' operation conditions. In late 2018, we began the deregistration assignment, including the announcement on the major newspaper media, establishment of liquidating group, auditing report preparation, liquidation and tax clearance; in early 2019, we successfully completed bank account closure and deregistration process with the local and state administration. With no more than 6 months, the proper suggestion and efficient deliver help the clients to exit their investment smoothly and successfully.