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    ProWise 5th Anniversary Conference

    Subject: The insight for the Science and Technology Innovation Board for foreign companies and investors.



    We hosted a conference with our alliances, Jincheng & Tongda Law Firm, the science and technology committee of Shanghai national accounting institute, and Entrepreneur Elite (International) Club.


    Comment by a manager who is servicing in a financial consulting and management company:


    After ProWise clarified their insight of the Science and technology innovation board, I suddenly realized why it will be the dark horse, as it focuses on the top companies in each High Tech field. It is the simplest way to get to know the potential stocks that keeps tracking the Science and Technology Innovation Board because there is a large gap between the different industries. The conference inspires me to perceive the trend of the stock market in the future.

    Lecture for the CITIC Asset Management Corporation Ltd. Central Branch

    Subject: The Assets Assessment and Structure Planning


    • Assets management is primary on capital gain, focusing on investment period and return. Wealth management is mainly focusing on how to maintain a long-term and continuous growth portfolios. However, both of them require investment strategies, but the field of the wealth investment is much broader than assets management.
    • The two primary directions for corporations to execute assets management are pursuing the opportunity, controlling the risk and ensuring the stable long-term return.